Acclaim International is an active investor in the Afghanistan marble quarrying, mining and production sector in Bamyan and Kabul provinces.

We have helped establish an Afghan association of marble quarry operators and processors and has organized and facilitated several international dimension stone conferences in Afghanistan for the benefit of Association members. Our company is also a regular participant in and contributor to international dimension stone conferences and expositions.

We are an industry member of (AETI MSG should be spelled out with the initials in parentheses. I would have done it for you but I couldn’t find AETI or MSG in Google) and is an adviser on Dimension Stone for the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI).

Our company provides consulting services for marble quarry and processing operators in Nangarhar, Herat, Panjsher, and Kabul Provinces and regularly delivers presentations on Dimension Stone to private companies such as FCC, Atlas Edge ,Equity Capital Mining (ECM) and Panjsher Marble Company.

We were the principal technical consultant to Windecon Corporation on a large-scale Dimension Stone GPS survey and continues to advise Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT’s) and the Government of Afghanistan on Dimension Stone Sector Development.

Acclaim International maintains a comprehensive collection of marble stone samples from over one hundred forty-six sites in Afghanistan that includes the GPS coordinates for each site.

Services Provided

  • Marble Purchasing Support
  • Transportation, Logistics, and Security
  • Onsite Quarry Visits
  • Supplier Identification
  • Pricing and Contract Negotiations
  • Samples available for nominal cost
  • Geology experts on hand
  • Core drilling machines available for quarry samples
  • Quarry sample testing
  • Skilled labor

Investment Support

  • Representation to the Afghan Government
  • Permit from Ministry of Mines
  • Local partnership opportunities
  • Validation of Investments
    • Quarries Processing Plant
    • Licensing & Regulation Support

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss with you in further detail any of our international consulting services.

Thank you